Welcome to Bardwell School

Smiling, Sharing, Succeeding

“To empower our students to go further in learning and life by recognising their strengths and providing a respectful environment that builds confidence, raises aspirations and equips them to succeed.”
Bardwell School Mission Statement 

Our Values

At Bardwell School we consider ourselves to be a values-based school. This means that our mission, aims and values underpin all developments and processes at the school, from our day- to-day interactions with the children to class team meetings. They provide the foundation for us to provide a positive, stimulating and challenging learning environment. 

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The Bardwell Curriculum

The Bardwell Curriculum is a framework which guides teaching and learning across the school. Crafted by our own teaching team, the document supports us in delivering highly differentiated and motivating learning opportunities for our pupils. 

As a non-label-led school, we believe that by getting to know our students as individuals, both in terms of their personalities and educational starting points, we are then best placed to plan for meaningful next steps in their development. 

Bardwell Curriculum


We believe that our students achieve best when school and families work in partnership. Our website is one way that we can communicate with the parents and carers of our pupils. Click here to access a host of useful information about Bardwell School.