Other Professionals

At Bardwell School all staff are committed to providing high quality education for every pupil. We recognise that this will usually be best achieved when school staff work closely with parents, other professionals and all who are responsible for the care of the children who attend the school.

Each profession has specific roles and responsibilities and works under different systems. We are lucky to work with some skilled and knowledgeable professionals from both Oxford Health and Oxfordshire’s Special Educational Needs Support Service. These professionals provide the following support:

  • Liaison with school staff, parents and other professionals.
  • Training school staff (both formally and informally)
  • Joint development of Outcomes and associated targeted activities.
  • Individual work both in and out of the class.
  • Guidance and staff training to support with eating skills.
  • Direct therapy providing appropriate programmes or recommendations to be carried out by school staff
  • Other provision as directed with Education Health and Care Plans.

It is a vision for Bardwell School that we continually develop the skills and knowledge of our teaching team. We invest in training to ensure our teachers and support staff have the relevant skills and knowledge specific to a special school setting. 

Please click below for a summary of the therapy input in school:

​​(see pdf document MDT therapist Newsletter)

We are unable to host private therapists within the school day. This is due to the disruption such additional interventions have on our pupils accessing a balanced curriculum. We also do not expect our teaching staff to liaise with private therapists as this could put them in the difficult position of managing conflicting advice from therapists, along with add additional demands to their already busy schedules. Should a child receive private therapy out of school, if the therapist wishes they should contact the relevant Oxford Health therapist who will be the only therapists to communicate directly with class teachers.

Special School Nurses (SSN)

​The special school nurses for Bardwell School work part time in school on term time only contracts. Please see the leaflet below for details of the nursing service.

Special School Nurse Leaflet 

MDT therapist Newsletter