Local Academy Board

Chair of LAB: Matthew Willis m.willis@thegallerytrust.org.uk

Chair of Trustees: Chris Scrivener c.scrivener@thegallerytrust.co.uk

Safeguarding Trustee: James Shryane j.shryane@thegallerytrust.co.uk

Local Academy Boards (LAB) represent key stakeholders of individual academies in the Trust: staff, parents/carers and the local community. The LABs provide an opportunity to ensure that the views of these important groups are represented to the Board of Trustees.

The LAB supports the school in its objective of continuous improvement. The LAB advocates for the school and the children and young people who attend it, with regard to educational provision and quality within the Trust and outwards into the local community. The LAB does not have legal recognition but is a full and formal part of governance structure. It is recognised by the Board that the LAB can make a significant contribution to improving outcomes in schools and the development of the Trust, not least because of their knowledge of the unique nature of their school. The Board also recognises that members of LABs may have valuable skills and experience that can be used in the best interests of the Trust, and their contribution is welcomed.

LABs work collaboratively with Head Teachers and senior leaders, and report to the Board of Trustees through the Schools and Education Committee. The LAB has an advisory function to support the Head Teacher and school leadership team with decision-making. The LAB will receive reports directly from the school giving them an analysis of the school performance, along with local and community factors and will also receive reports from the Executive Team. It should consider itself to be a critical friend to the Head Teacher and to the Trust. The Chair of the LAB will meet regularly with the Chair of the Trust Board.

The LAB will support and oversee the effective implementation of Trust policies and practices, and also provide a quality assurance check that the policies and practices are in the best interest of the children and young people who attend the school. The focus and priorities for each LAB may vary from school to school based on their context and community. Whilst the Trust provides a model Terms of Reference, it is expected that the LAB and the Head Teacher will work together to update and recommend for approval the final Terms of Reference to the Board of Trustees which suits their context and circumstances.

The Head Teacher and the LAB will recommend the appointment of the Chair of the LAB and the Board of Trustees will approve the appointment.

The Gallery Trust Governance Structure

LAB attendance 202122

Members of the Local Academy Board

Category Appointment
Headteacher Julie Foot (Headteacher)
Bardwell School staff members Theresa Dyer (HR and Payroll Manager)
Hayley Laughlin (Class Teacher)
Parents (minimum of 2) Kelly McKnight
Sarah Stevenson
Melissa Killen
Community representative (minimum of 2) Matthew Willis (Chair of LAB)
Jacqueline Garside


Terms of office will remain at 4 years starting from 15th September 2021