Local Academy Board

The Local Academy Board (LAB) of Bardwell School is responsible for promoting high standards of educational achievement, whilst ensuring the school meets statutory requirements.

As a corporate body they play a strategic role in setting aims and objectives for the school to achieve in order to fulfil its mission of empowering our students to go further in learning and life by recognising their strengths and providing a respectful environment that builds confidence, raises aspirations and equips them to succeed.

The role of the LAB is best described as a critical friend to the school’s leadership team, providing support and challenge in order to ensure high standards are achieved and maintained.

Our LAB is organised into subcommittees that focus on specific areas of the school.  They meet at least once a term an all outcomes are fed back to Full LAB meetings.  The structure of these committees is:

Chair of Governors: Matthew Willis

Curriculum and Achievement Committee (Chair: Kelly McKnight)

The Curriculum and Achievement committee ensures governing body decisions are curriculum led and promote learning. The committee supports, reviews and monitors the development of The Bardwell Curriculum and support assessments.

This committee ensures pupil progress is planned, assessed, and reported using methods that ensure all pupils make progress. It then monitors the progress of children, including specific groups of children.

Community: Pupil, Family and Staff Committee (Chair: Sarah Stevenson)

The Community committee monitors pupils’ wellbeing and ensures procedures are in place to allow the voice of the child to be heard. The committee also monitors staff wellbeing and ensures school culture and procedures support this.

The committee supports and promotes staff development training and monitors the staff development strand of the School Development Plan.

Finally, this committee oversees the work of the school to promote and develop links within the community to improve students’ involvement both through education and into adulthood.

Premises and Learning Environment Committee (Chair: Theresa Dyer)

The Premises and Learning Environment Committee advises the governing body on all relevant site and premises matters. This includes overseeing the Premises and Learning Environment strand of the School Development Strand.

The Site Committee is responsible for supporting, monitoring and reviewing Health and Safety policies and processes.

Our Child Protection and Safeguarding Governor works closely with the school leadership team to review and monitoring our Child Protection and Safeguarding policies and processes.

​A summary of membership of our committees and other key roles can be found in the links below.

​Please click on the links below to access our governors’ Code of Conduct, Governor Information (including attendance) for 2016/17 and Information about our Committees.

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