The Lodge

The Lodge is a distinct part of Bardwell School providing education for our oldest students.

As students get older, their learning needs change and students move from the pre-16 Bardwell Curriculum to this post-16 model. Although values and aims are shared with the main school, The Lodge focus is on application of acquired skills and equipping students with the skills they will need in their adult life.

At Bardwell School, we believe that it is important to support students from the earliest stage in developing their skills, so they can leave as young adults with as much independence as possible. Community involvement is central to the curriculum and many of our lessons are based offsite to support students in generalising the skills they’re developing, within the context of the local community facilities.

The Lodge Curriculum starts by outlining our values and the structure of our curriculum, then moves on to outline the core aims of each subject, subject content and how we balance the timetable in our post-16 provision.

For information about The Lodge, including core aims and subject content, please see the document extract below taken from the Bardwell Curriculum (p.140).

Bardwell School – The Lodge (Post-16) Curriculum